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Involving parents through volunteerism...
...Linking parent engagement to achievement

What is Parent Engagement Tracker?


The Parent Engagement Tracker (PET) is a secured information system developed to easily track, measure and link parental involvement to student achievement. PET provides a way for parents to report their engagement via mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.


Principals are able to measure parent attendance of various parent activities, school compact parent requirement hours, and the popularity of the different types of activities on a daily, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Summary reports and pie-charts are standard for measuring progress by month and year.


The PET system tracks events, meetings, trainings, committees and volunteer activities parents have attended throughout the school year as well as Home Visit programs. The system provides reports based on Epstein Six Types of Parent Involvement Model.


The PET system is designed to connect to various student information systems to measure parental engagement to student achievement.