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About Parent Engagement Tracker

Milly Arciniegas,

John Patterson,
Technology &

For the past twelve years, on a volunteer basis, I have been working with parents throughout Hartford, Connecticut and engaging them in the educational process of their children and providing schools with parent engagement strategies to increase parent involvement.

In 2010 I developed the Parent Engagement Tracker to provide schools a mechanism to track and measure parent involvement in their schools to ultimately increase student achievement.

The system has proven to be very helpful to schools and districts to not only gauge parent engagement in their schools, but to also ensure parent workshops are aligned to school/district goals.

Also in 2010 I partnered up with a long-time business associate, John Patterson of Middletown, Connecticut, to web enable my MS Access system. John has over twenty years of experience ranging from Web Development to Project Management.

Our vision is to see all schools reach their full potential in engaging and educating parents for their children to reach educational success.

We invite you to learn more about our system. For a demonstration send an email to info@parentengagementtracker.com

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